Lexus Fans Hope – V10-Powered M5 Killer GS-F [PIC]

Lexus GS-f

Is it wishful thinking?  Maybe, maybe not.  I don’t think it’s that far off, Lexus just needs to find a way to drop the price and still make money.  I’m sure loyal Lexus fans won’t mind paying the cost to beat up on an M5 at the stop light.

“Lexus fans want it to happen so bad and now they can practically feel it. Or at least hear it.
We’re talking about a F-version of the GS sedan, one preferably with the new V10 that debuted in the LFA. It’s an idea that has been thrown around for years and now Pistonheads has run a story that suggests a GS-F is being considered very seriously within Lexus.

There are some major hurdles of course. Cost is the big one as that new V10 is not cheap. They figure it would add $50-60K to the price of the GS making it far more expensive that its European competitors. Sound DOA based on that alone, but count on the Lexus faithful to keep the rumors circulating for a another couple of years.”

Source:  Pistonheads vis Lexusenthusiast

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