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Samsung Galaxy S II – Review


This phone is available from Sprint as well.



I’m Not Really Into Pokemon – Ubuntu


From Data to Digital Art: Animating Air Traffic, Texting [Video]

This guy is amazing!  Pretty cool to see all the traffic patterns at an airport too.

Sprint To Release Nexus One

Sure as soon as I buy my HTC Hero, Sprint announces this!

Google Nexus One

The Nexus One is an Android based phone running version 2.1 eclaire, with a 3.7in Amoled screen. The phone comes with a 5mp camera, auto focus, flash, and geo tagging. As of right now there is no price or release date, but should be released in the near future. For more information follow the source link below.

Sprint Press Release


Live Apple iPad Preview Announcement [VIDEO]

Watch live streaming video from crunchgear at

Techno Playing Jeep [Video]

Never knew a Jeep could play techno!

Source:  JulianSmith.Tv

JTF Installations Need Custom A/V work?? [Video]

Trevor ,the owner, does excellent work.  Get your automotive performance parts at but get your Home Audio and Video performance work done with JTF Installations.  Give him a call if you are in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area!

JTF Installations: 4o2-614-7531

Black Friday Ads Sites and Links

If you are the type to want to go wait in line at wee hours in the morning on Black Friday, then check out some of these sites.  They all see

Black Friday Shoppers!

Black Friday Shoppers!

m to have some good info.  Also I see that some of the Best Buy ads are available online the day before.

I read an article on CNN Money about some writer crying about how the ads are deceiving and all these dirty secrets that consumers need to know.  I would like to say, unless you are stupid and think these stores should actually give out an unlimited supply of these “doorbusters”, it should be common sense that there will be a limited supply at those prices.  I say, if you are willing to wait in line for 6 hours for a TV or a $5 Memorex radio, then you deserve to get those deals.  It’s survival of the fitest, if you are early enough to get the deal then you get it, if not, you don’t!  Enjoy!

BMW Performance Steering Wheel 2006+ 3 series and 2008+ 128i & 135i

I like to post things that I find interesting.  I have seen pictures of this steering wheel, but I came across this video of it in action.  This steering wheel alone, makes me want that 300+hp V6 turbo BMW 135i just that much more!


Source and purchase info:

Samsung Moment vs. HTC Hero Android Comparison on Sprint’s Network

Here are a few videos on the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment.  They are the two Google Android phones available through Sprint right now.  If you have another comparison video, shoot it over or leave a comment.  I’m kind of on the fence for the two phones but both are getting great reviews.  Take a look!

Here is a comparison chart between the iPhone, HTC Hero, Palm Pre , and the Samsung Moment.  I can’t verify any of the info but it’s a good start: Comparison Chart

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