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Build Your Own Electric Car [Pics]

I have read this article before and it’s definitely a lot of time and probably money, but it looks kind of fun. 🙂  Have fun!

Build your own Electric Car!More DIY How To Projects

New [PICS] Audi Dashboard Navigation

 “Billed as an B8 dashboard, these interesting photos have surfaced on the web that show a cool evolution of the Audi control configuration. Check out the various lighted readouts, including navigation in a color screen in the instrument panel.” 

New Audi Nagivation Dash

New Audi Nagivation Dash


I’m excited to see which car they roll this out in.  I read it will probably be the A4, but we’ll have to see.

Audi Navigation
Audi Navigation
New Audi Dash Configuration

New Audi Dash Configuration


Video Balloon Boy Says What?? Who the Hell?

Another entertaining video of Balloon Boy!  This kid is something else.  The parents are another story…

The plane of the future, fits in your garage!

I need one of these!  But for the $139,000 price tag I might just buy a real plane.

It’s the Icon A5.  A two seat, single engine amphibious airplane that can fold up to fit in your garage.  I do like the interior though.


Did Balloon Boy Say It Was For “Show”? [Video]

This is a little off topic of my blog but………

I know I heard it.  The kids answer to his Dad, was that he did it for show!  I’m sorry, but is it just me or are these parents a little off?  I’d say any family on Wife Swap is probably a little off.  Watch the video and comment for your self.

LIVE FEED of 6 year old in Balloon

Wow, this has got to be the most excitement in Colorado in a long time.  First, he’s flying 50 miles in a balloon, no wait, now he may have fallen out during that trip.  No, the kid was just hiding in his attic probably so he didn’t get his butt spanked. 

I wonder how much money those parent spent on that “research balloon”?? News Update


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GPS Improving Driver Safety?

I swear I’m not affiliated with Ford, nor do I even own a Ford, but some research that they have invested $4 million dollars in may produce some technology and safety breakthroughs.  The investment is for Auburn University research and 16 safety programs. 

“The satellites track the speed and direction of a car, the road ahead and current conditions to calculate whether an accident is probable. If so, the satellites can communicate with the car’s stability-control system to help avoid it.”

It is a little scary that something in the sky could apply my brakes and steer my car to avoid a wreck.  Sounds like a Knight Rider episode!

(Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin)

MSN Blog Article

Windows 7’s Newest Partner: Family Guy

First it’s a cute little 5 year old making videos, now it’s a cartoon baby. Microsoft has teamed up with Fox Television and Seth MacFarlane, the creator, excecutive producer, and voice of a number of characters on Family Guy. Microsoft will be the only sponsor for the 30-minute variety special titled “Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show” on November 8th at 8:30 PM. 

Microsoft Office Press Release

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