Sprint To Release Nexus One

Sure as soon as I buy my HTC Hero, Sprint announces this!

Google Nexus One

The Nexus One is an Android based phone running version 2.1 eclaire, with a 3.7in Amoled screen. The phone comes with a 5mp camera, auto focus, flash, and geo tagging. As of right now there is no price or release date, but should be released in the near future. For more information follow the source link below.

Sprint Press Release

Source: SprintUsers.com

Now This Is a Hummer Conversion

I wonder how much this thing weighs?? I kind of want one, hehe.


2010 Lingenfelter Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. 2010 Roush Ford Mustang Stage 3 – Comparison

These two muscle cars truly show their bad side (in a good way) when Roush and Lingenfelter get their hands on them.

“Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) exists to satisfy such primal cravings. LPE has built a Camaro SSwith its $10,995 TVS2300 kit, essentially a Magnuson/Eaton supercharger with high-flow fuel injectors, a cold-air induction system, a voltage-boosted fuel pump, and a recalibrated engine-management system. Though the engine is internally unchanged, the system’s 9 psi of boost is good for 570 horsepower.

To put those extra 144 horses to the pavement, the LPE car gets a host of other upgrades, including 20-inch wheels shod with Nitto NT05 tires ($4415), a 3.70 rear axle with heavy-duty half-shafts ($3484), a dual-disc clutch from a ZR1 Corvette ($1860), and a stiffer Hotchkis suspension ($1710). Add to that a Corsa exhaust ($1750), big Brembo brakes ($7940), and various lesser upgrades, and the mods ($34,539) just about double the Camaro SS’s sticker price ($35,125) for a total of $69,664.

The Roush Mustang Stage 3 doesn’t bite into your wallet quite as hard, coming in at $61,255, which amounts to $28,510 of Roush Performance upgrades and the $31,845 price of a specific Roush-orderedMustang GT. This lower price isn’t due to less content. In fact, the Roush engine has been reworked more extensively than the LPE V-8 because in order to achieve similar power (540 horses) from its much smaller V-8 (4.6 liters), its supercharger must blow harder—up to 15 psi. To ensure that the more highly pressurized engine doesn’t bust its gut, it gets lower-compression forged pistons, forged connecting rods, and a forged crank. The Roush Stage 3 also gets the expected upgrades to its clutch, suspension, exhaust system, and wheel-and-tire package, though only the front brakes are bigger.”

2010 Lingenfelter Chevrolet Camaro SS

Now, to the good stuff. The Lingenfelter Camaro ran the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds at 120 mph.  That’s 0.8 second and 9 mph quicker than the stock Camaro SS.  The LPE car was 0.9 second quicker to 60 (3.9 seconds) and hitting 150 mph in 19.5 seconds.  The stock SS barely gets up to the 130 mph that’s governed.  Probably due to gearing as well has HP.

Highs: Instant, massive yet controllable thrust is smoothly integrated into the upgraded Camaro. Great brakes.

Lows: The suspension doesn’t like fast going on rough roads.

The Verdict: We would never have believed that a Camaro capable of 120 mph in the quarter could feel so civilized.

2010 Roush Ford Mustange Stage 3

“With 15 psi of boost generated by its supercharger, the highly modified 4.6-liter V-8 develops 540 horsepower, only 30 fewer than the Lingenfelter. As a result, it’s only a hair slower than the 143-pound-heavier Camaro in the usual sprints. Zero to 60 takes 4.2 seconds, and the quarter-mile is history in 12.4 seconds at 119 mph. Above 130 mph, however, the Roush falls behind the Lingenfelter, hitting 150 nearly four seconds later.”

Highs: Refined suspension, great looks, intoxicating exhaust note matched by a powerful engine.

Lows: Touchy clutch makes smooth launches difficult; tight, high-effort shifter seems a throwback to yesteryear.

The Verdict: A striking Mustang that oozes charisma.

I personally like the looks of the Mustang, but either one would be a head turner from the sounds of the engines or the curb appeal.  What’s your favorite?

Source: CarAndDriver.com

Luge Death 2010 Video Youtube (luge death 2010 video youtube)

It makes me sick to listen to the Olympic Committee’s response to this tragic accident.  At least they could have said, yes this was because the athlete didn’t make a correction during the run, but we are making the necessary changes to the track to better protect our athletes around the world.  It’s just unbelieveable.  This could have very well been an American.  Would we have gotten the same response?

“Luge Death 2010 Video Youtube : While Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luger who died in Friday’s horrific crash, was memorialized during the Opening Ceremonies, the Olympic luge tragedy video, showing Kumaritashvili colliding with an upright pillar after coming off his sled, spread across Youtube as those not glued to early coverage were just finding out about the luge crash.

The IOC moved quickly to get the various luge crash videos and photos off the Internet, but there’s a point at which they were fighting a losing battle. Aside from the tragic loss of life, the luge death video showed a gaping hole in common sense in the design and build of the Olympic luge track, which is the fastest luge track in history.

Our own Scan tool showed just how many iterations of the luge crash video had spread across the web- for every clickthrough met with “This video has been removed…”, there would be another that was still playable. The takeaway lesson here for the IOC, besides the concept of plexiglass, was that controlling coverage of the Games would be impossible: if a major event like the death of an athlete takes place, the world will find out right away, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Source: http://www.abreakingnews.us/luge-death-2010-video-youtube.html

Olympic Nodar Kumaritashvili Luge Crash [VIDEO]

RIP Nodar.  Warning: Disturbing video content.

Youtube has been removing this video because the Olympic Comittee has made them.  I think it was a horrible accident and from what I’ve been reading, it’s a notorious track.  I think people need to see this to show how unsafe these athletes are there and some safety measures need to be taken to protect them.

Ndamukong Suh Signs With Nike

“The 2009 college National Player of the Year Ndamukong Suh has signed a deal with Nike. The company based out of Oregon announced Suh, a Portland native, signs with the hometown company via a press release.

Suh is expected to be the top player selected in the 2010 NFL Draft. Here is the release from Nike:


Standout Defensive Lineman Ndamukong Suh is Newest Nike Athlete

Nike today announced a partnership with 2009 AP National Player of the Year and top NFL prospect Ndamukong Suh. One of the nation’s premiere collegiate defenders, Suh is projected to be drafted at the top of the first round of the 2010 NFL draft this summer.

Suh will join selected Nike football athletes participating in a webcast Friday, February 5, kicking off the 2010 Nike High School Combine Tour (Players will be available to media during webcast  — press alert to follow). Various Nike athletes will be attending the combines, which are open to high school football players at any level across the country, free of charge.

The 6-4, 300-pound Suh was one of the most dominating defensive tackles in recent memory while starring at Nebraska. At the conclusion of the 2009 season, the Huskers senior was recognized for numerous accolades and awards including a consensus first-team All-American selection, Defensive Player of the Year honors in addition to being named a Heisman Trophy finalist. Suh also became only the second player in Big 12 history to earn both the Defensive Player and Lineman of the Year awards in the same season.

Suh tallied 85 total tackles (24 for loss), 12.0 sacks and 1 interception during his senior campaign. Many analysts are predicting Suh will be the top overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

Born in Portland, Ore., Suh was a prep star at nearby Grant High School, so his teaming up with Beaverton, Ore.-based Nike is a natural homecoming.

He joins a top roster of football of NFL Nike athletes, including: LaDainian Tomlinson, Troy Polamalu, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Tom Brady and Brian Urlacher.”

Source:  NFLMocks.com

Signing Day Special, Feb. 6, 2010 – Huskers Illustrated Radio

Huskers Illustrated Radio Talks with 2010 Recruit Class

Chris Schmidt and Mike Babcock catch up with John Talman for a complete signing day recap as well as newest Huskers Corey Cooper, Braylon Heard, Lavante David, Andrew Rodriguez, Tyler Evans and Brion Carnes.

Source:  HuskersIllustrated.com

Live Apple iPad Preview Announcement [VIDEO]

Watch live streaming video from crunchgear at livestream.com

Lexus Fans Hope – V10-Powered M5 Killer GS-F [PIC]

Lexus GS-f

Is it wishful thinking?  Maybe, maybe not.  I don’t think it’s that far off, Lexus just needs to find a way to drop the price and still make money.  I’m sure loyal Lexus fans won’t mind paying the cost to beat up on an M5 at the stop light.

“Lexus fans want it to happen so bad and now they can practically feel it. Or at least hear it.
We’re talking about a F-version of the GS sedan, one preferably with the new V10 that debuted in the LFA. It’s an idea that has been thrown around for years and now Pistonheads has run a story that suggests a GS-F is being considered very seriously within Lexus.

There are some major hurdles of course. Cost is the big one as that new V10 is not cheap. They figure it would add $50-60K to the price of the GS making it far more expensive that its European competitors. Sound DOA based on that alone, but count on the Lexus faithful to keep the rumors circulating for a another couple of years.”

Source:  Pistonheads vis Lexusenthusiast

Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing [Video]

What a beautiful car.  I love the way this commerical was directed and produced.

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