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Husker VS. Texas Tech Preview and Prediction


Mike’s Husker Preview
Written By: “Mike”, the man-in-motion, giving us a running start on Saturday’s game.

Last year we played Tech so close because we kept their offense off the field.  I can’t remember what the time of possession numbers were, but they were largely slanted in our favor.  I haven’t seen enough consistency out of our offense to make me think we can do the same thing this year, at least not to the same degree.  I’m sure our coaches will call a similar game-plan to hopefully do the same thing this year and limit the time Tech has with the ball.  Personally, I think the success of our offense will determine the outcome of the game. 

Defensively, we are worlds better than we were last year.  Although I don’t anticipate many sacks, our front four should be able to consistently collapse the pocket and put their quarterback into tough situations.  Our secondary is playing with far less breakdowns than last year at this time and tackling a lot better too.  Tech will have lots of completions and yards, but not nearly as many big plays as a result.  With that said, I think our defense will do enough to slow their offense down and give us a chance to win.

Prediction –  If Lee and the offense struggle, it could be a long day and possibly a loss.  If Lee plays better than he did against both Virginia Tech and Missouri, and Watson calls a good game, we’ll be fine.  I’m betting on the latter.  NU – 34, TTU – 24



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