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I’m Not Really Into Pokemon – Ubuntu


Timbaland Dance FAIL [Video]

This just isn’t good.  Hahhaha, the end is the best.

Now This Is a Hummer Conversion

I wonder how much this thing weighs?? I kind of want one, hehe.


Pants On The Ground – American Idol – Acoustic! [Video]

Here’s a cover of the Pants On The Ground song from American Idol and the one and only General.  I thought this was great!  I knew this song would take off!  Haha, vote on your favorite in the comments or reply on twitter @tunerfixxdotcom.

Here’s the original version:

Snoop and Martha GREEN brownies [Video]

This is probably the best Martha episode EVER!  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

John Mayer – Inspiration For Music [Video]

John Mayer takes you behind the scenes at how his beautiful music is created.  Enjoy!

“I am them” Drunk Driver Calls Police To Report Self [VIDEO]

This is kind of Automotive related 🙂

So 49 year-old Mary Strey of Granton, WI, decided to drive home after drinking a little too much and reported “I am them” to the 911 Operator.  I say, good for her, although, maybe call before you decide to drive home??  This audio has been cracking me up all day! 

Ever Seen An Ewok Do the MoonWalk? [Viral Video]

He’s humping legs, dancing, this has to be sooo much better than Star Wars! Haha, enjoy!

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Video Balloon Boy Says What?? Who the Hell?

Another entertaining video of Balloon Boy!  This kid is something else.  The parents are another story…

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